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Your jewelry is lovely and so are your prices. As Arnold has said, "I'll be back."




Hi I saw some necklaces that were sold already I loved!!! The fossilized wood jasper necklace & earring set(39.50) Any of the azurite-malachite necklace. One more and I will leave you alone the sugilite bead-link necklace. I would like any jewelry in these stones THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO ME!!!!Kim


I'll order more of the fossilized wood jasper beads. I do have one azurite-malachite necklace & earrings set unsold, at
I also have some 6mm round beads in my stash.

As for the sugilite, I'll keep my eyes open. I've been seeing strands of the same stone for sale under the name "lapidalite jasper" & also as "flower sugilite", so it looks as if not everyone agrees on what to call it. Yay.

Odette Lussier

I would like to know how much it would cost in USD to buy a 9 1/2 in. sterling silver byzantine chain w/a lobster clasp?


Odette, for a 9.5 inch Byzantine bracelet in 18 gauge sterling silver wire with lobster clasp, I would charge $78. Do you want me to order the supplies? If so, please email me at goodjools@goodsol.com. Thanks!


i really like wire wraps. where can i go to learn how to do this lloydenes@yahoo.com


I learned from online tutorials (do a websearch on wire wrap tutorial) and various how-to jewelry books.

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